About me

Hi! My name is Emmie Cooper. I am an artist with a focus on graphic design. I have had lots of experience with many different art forms/mediums. Painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, ceramic, digital, graphics- of course :) and there are others.  

I have studied art for around six years now with classes and hands-on experience. I have had working experience for around three years now and keep gaining more experience as time continues. I have been commissioned to do some graphic design work. I also have had some fine art pieces along with some digital ones that I have done for others.

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The mediums and programs that I have handled and know how to use are a wide range. Some fine art mediums include painting and drawing with multiple types of pencil leads and forms. I also have done ceramics. I can work with sculpture mediums like wire and paper mache and others. Programs that I have worked in and have knowledge on how to use include a big assortment of the Adobe Suites- indesign, photoshop, animate, premiere pro, dreamweaver, illustrator. Other programs include gimp, wix, netbeans, procreate. 

The list of things that I have been commissioned for include: websites, posters, invites, cards, paintings, wall art, yearbooks, book illustrations, logos, and videos.  

You can check them out in my  Gallery 

To see my art on a regular basis check out my instagram account  HERE  

   Instagram is where the newest art will be uploaded first so if you want to see something soon after I create it - Follow me :)